Kitco Interview: Optimism In Mining Stocks; Who’s Looking Good?

As April sailed off into the sunset, it left some optimism for mining stock investors heading into May, says Jordan Roy-Byrne, editor and publisher of The Daily Gold newsletter on this latest edition of “The Rough.” “If you look at the miners relative to the metals, the metals have kind of been weak,” he says. “The miners, just looking at GDX, they’re hanging in there, they’re showing some relative strength when frankly you’d expect them to break lower.” Roy-Byrne added that he doesn’t think miners are completely out of the woods yet, but believes the worst is likely over. Roy-Byrne also shares a few stock picks that he’s liking, as well as what he’s staying away from. Tune in now to see which mining companies make the grade. Kitco News, May 1, 2015.