S&P-To-Gold Ratio: On Verge Of 1.00 Breakdown

As the attached chart demonstrates, the S&P may soon take out the 1.00x ratio to gold price per oz. With the IMF facilitated Greek bailout, the euro is now a sideshow and nothing more than a political corpse in the hands of a few million Nordrhein-Westfalen voters next weekend. That a bailout of a country can hinge on whether the already indicated German majority (59% oppose the Greek bailout at last count) can manifest itself in the decisions of the weakest link, should be enough for even the biggest skeptics to bury their dreams of euro viability. And as we have long pointed out, what is the alternative – massively overpriced and overbought stocks, where a jittery market can wipe out 10% in flash, the dollar, which will certainly soon suffer the full wrath of its natural born killer, the Federal Reserve, or industrial commodities, where oil is trading at prices that boggle the mind when considering the record inventories lying around, not to mention that China’s rapidly changing liquidity policy may soon take make the lives of copper and other longs a nightmare. We are confident that gold, which over the past two weeks has been a one way ticket higher, will continue to strengthen, and once the 1:1 parity with the S&P is broken, the next resistance level will be in the $1,300’s.