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Sprott Physical Silver Premium To NAV Hits Fresh All Time High

Several days ago there were a few rather amusing anecdotes in the blogosphere that just because Sprott filed a selling shareholder shelf in PSLV, the ETF was about to crash and burn. What was not disclosed is that in 2011 there have been about 200 comparable shelves filed for public companies, yet nobody called for the imminent anihilation of 40% of the S&P. Stunningly, just because someone requests the right to sell an asset they own when said asset is trading at all time highs, apparently does not mean they intent to exercise said right. To wit: the premium to NAV for the Eric Sprott physical silver ETF just hit an all time record of 23%. We are confident that this is due to JPMorgan being massively long the metal, and also because anywhere one walks these days, physical silver lying on the ground is more prevalent than dog excrement. Also, those who decided to play the premium-NAV compression trade, are advised to promptly close it unless, of course, they are a TBTF bank.

Source: Zero Hedge