TheDailyGold Premium Model Portfolio Hits All-Time High

In the past few days, TheDailyGold Model Portfolio reached a new all time high even though GDX and GDXJ remain well below their all time highs. As of Friday’s close, the portfolio was up 31.9% YTD compared to a 0.5% YTD gain for GDXJ, our benchmark. GDX is higher by 4.3% YTD.

Since January 2011, just weeks after the cyclical bear market in gold shares began, the portfolio is up by 23.3% while GDXJ is down 34.7% and GDX is down 12.5%.

Since all newsletter writers who focus on precious metals stopped publishing and advertising their performance (with the exception of John Doody), it is reasonably safe to say that TheDailyGold Premium has been the top performing gold-related newsletter this year and perhaps since 2011.

How do we do it?

First, we have a strict set of seven or eight rules that guides our participation in this sector. We shared these at the Toronto Cambridge House conference and have shared them with subscribers.

Secondly, we focus on market timing and stock selection. Our technical background is well known and unmatched by most of our competitors. This gives us an advantage. Furthermore, we combine technical and fundamental analysis in hopes of finding the big winners.

We work for our subscribers. We understand that we won’t grow unless we make our subscribers money. That is our number one goal and is why we are extremely diligent. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. We will continue to strive for excellence for current and for new subscribers.

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