TheDailyGold Premium Update #503

Sunday morning we emailed subscribers TDG #503, a 32-page update which included a report on one of our latest buys. It is an exploration company with a very strong group of people involved and strong projects. Its impressive for having a market cap of only US $22 Million.

We also discussed another nano-cap company we added to our watch list as well as another exploration company that is high on our watch list.

If you are looking for nano-caps, we’ve covered a handful of them in recent weeks. If you are looking for the lowest risk juniors, we have a producer watch list and in the update we noted two lower risk juniors worth buying now.

Most of our coverage focuses on the in-between companies that fit somewhere between a $50-$200 Million market cap. Since December we have bought 5 companies of that size and the positions are up an average of 50%.

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