TheDailyGold Premium Update #509

Saturday evening we emailed subscribers a 34-page update in which we discussed the short-term upside potential in the precious metals complex but also the medium term downside potential. In our conclusion we noted the two scenarios at hand and a key level in both GDX and GDXJ which would be held over the next few months in the bullish scenario. 

The update included a report on a junior exploration company that has been a big winner for us. It is up 79% since we bought it a few months ago. The company has a growing resource and appears to have an economic deposit. Its CEO is very experienced and sold a company at his last job. The stock is acting well but we noted the prices it could be bought (with lower risk).

In the update we also included a table that shows key support levels for most of our holdings as well as the prices we would buy these stocks. It is actionable for subscribers and especially new subscribers, who can immediately learn our favorite companies and target buy prices. 

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