TheDailyGold Premium Update #530

The 33-page premium update was published, uploaded to the members section and emailed to subscribers early Sunday AM.

We covered the outlook for the sector and among other things, commented on the latest developments in a handful of companies we own (p4-p6).

Below is part of our page 1 summary:

We have officially turned bullish (as per recent flash updates) as Gold has perked up in real terms exactly when it had to and as Gold and gold stocks trade very close to key resistance levels. Gold has already rallied back to as high as $1294 and the most encouraging thing is it is a broad based move in real terms. In other words Gold is suddenly trending higher against foreign currencies, equities and bonds in unison. That is the seeds of a real Gold bull market, not what we’ve seen for most of 2017: a surging stock market, weak US$ and muted gains in precious metals. It is a fledgling development but if it continues it should carry Gold through $1300. Most important is the outperformance (of Gold) against the stock market.

The North Korea story has certainly helped Gold and if/when tensions calm down Gold could come off by $20-$30 before making a run again at $1300. Key daily support is at $1280 and $1260. The US$ index could also rally but as we answer in the Q&A section, Gold has been more tied to the Yen which has a slightly stronger case than the US$ for a sentiment rally. If Gold remains strong in real terms that can mitigate the impact of a stronger US$.

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