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Time to buy Gold? JC Parets, CMT Says No.

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As we make our way into 2017 we have a lot going on here at It’s been over a year now since our first major transition after the original launch in 2010. I am happy to say we entered our 7th year this past March. The idea for the website first came up in 2010 with the intention on being a technical analysis blog to share ideas about what I’m seeing around the market. This small blog quickly turned into 10s of thousands of unique visitors, invites to come and talk about my charts on TV, quotes in news publications all over the world and speaking engagements including some of the top financial conferences in the country and Universities like Duke and Harvard. Since the start of All Star Charts, I’ve been fortunate to have my work featured regularly on Bloomberg, ABC, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, Barron’s, CNN and Canada’s Business News Network.

In 2012 I founded Eagle Bay Capital with the goal of managing money through one portfolio in a limited partnership. In addition, after several years of global requests, we launched a research arm in September of 2014 to provide technical analysis commentary across all asset classes to investors all around the world. This new venture was more successful than we ever imagined. A little bit over a year later, instead of continuing to outsource our back-end, we rolled out a major expansion in the research platform directly through itself.

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