Top 10 Gold & Silver Stocks

We’ve published a report covering our top 10 stocks to buy at the bottom. These are stocks we are planning to buy in the near future. This report is 15,000 words long and 35 pages. If you are an investor in the sector then you should strongly consider a subscription to our premium service.

Here is some commentary that was part of the report:

…..We are looking for a combination of quality and upside potential. In terms of quality we are looking for strong management, strong financials, strong projects (by margin and size) and growth potential. Its true that some lower quality companies could appreciate the most in 2015-2016 but that is far too speculative to pay attention to. We want the strongest companies with the highest odds of success and the most potential….

……Producers are in a difficult spot and may lag in the early stages of the next bull market. Companies with large deposits that can make a lot of money at $1300 Gold will be at a premium. Majors and other potential acquirers are trying to survive the end of this bear market. When Gold bottoms and returns to $1300, the majors will be in a better financial position and only then will start acquiring. 

This Top 10 Report is a full 35 pages and 15,000 words long and is available with a subscription. Upon signup you will immediately receive all recent updates and important reports. Recently, we’ve published a Top 10 Stocks report, a Long-Term Precious Metals Outlook Report as well as a Global market update (with a new one coming). You won’t be disappointed with this material.

Consider a subscription to our premium service as I believe we have one of the best services available. We are the only credentialed technical analyst who is the editor of a service. Secondly, we are one of only a few people who run a real money portfolio. That means our goals are 100% aligned with our subscribers. Weekly updates are sent on Saturdays while flash updates are sent when we make a trade. Reports are sent sporadically.

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