Top 5 Stocks Report

The Daily Gold Premium is now officially 3 years old. Lately I’ve been doing self reflection which includes reviewing my past work, my successes and failures. In reviewing and learning, I hope to continuously enhance our product and help subscribers make more money. One thing I can say is that our top, favorite companies have consistently performed very well. We look for a combination of potential and probability of success. Here is the criteria we use. Lately, we’ve spent more time covering companies and updating reports.

February 2011 we published a top 5 report for 2011-2012. Since then, GDXJ the most applicable marketing stick is down 46%. Yet, the average performance of our top 5 picks is +17%! Few portfolios have only 5 positions or less. If you are investing $200K or more into PMs, then you could have 15-20 positions. Obviously, its easier to pick a 5 best then #6-#15 or #11-#20. I understand that.

That being said, we believe our new top 5 is an excellent starting point for any precious metals portfolio. We are very confident that if Gold returns to a cyclical bull market in 2013 and beyond, then each of these companies could produce fantastic returns. Subscribe to our Premium Service, and you not only get this 24 page report but you get a 6-month membership, our favorite companies beyond the top 5, and much more.

Wishing you health and profits,