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Saturday, August 18, 2012
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There are three things for you to listen to or watch:

We were interviewed by Alt-Investors. We discussed Precious Metals and Bonds.

We interviewed Greg Weldon who provided another stellar update on the macro-economic situations in the US and Europe. He also has some actionable views on Gold & Silver.

Also, the following video is an excerpt of Greg Weldon’s work from his Metal Monitor service. He’s been kind enough to allow me to pass it along to my readers and viewers.
Greg offers a free, one-time, 30-day trial of three different research publications:
1)  Weldon’s Money Monitor (global macro);  2) The Metal Monitor (precious metals markets) and 3) The ETF Playbook.

Click here to sign up for a free trial and gain immediate access
to Greg’s latest Macro-Market Metal Monitor which covers Silver, Global Central Bank Balance Sheets, and this week’s release of the World Gold Council’s 2Q Report on Gold Demand.

For investment professionals and those who want to keep a leg up on macro analysis, I highly recommend Greg’s work. I think he is the top macro analyst among those who focus on Gold and Silver. John Mauldin’s letter goes out to one million readers each week and he frequently includes samples of Greg’s work.

Sponsor News…

Argonaut Gold reported record numbers across the board.


Here is one chart from our update just sent out to premium subscribers. It shows the 10-year Bond price having made a slight double top. It has more room to decline which means there could be more room for precious metals to rebound.

Premium Snippet…

Today we sent out an update which covers the usual including some technical thoughts on our current favorite positions. We also provide commentary on how and when to buy into these companies and we use two current holdings as a case study. Professionals scale into positions with multiple buys. They don’t put 100% in at one moment. They also do not chase strength. Two of our five favorite stocks have risen substantially in the past six weeks. Yet we know its not wise to chase strength. We must exhibit patience and wait for a better entry point.

Our previous commentary on our seven rules for investing and speculating in this sector was well received by premium subscribers. I hope the current thoughts generate a similar response.

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