Year: 2012

Reckless Spending and Soaring Government Debts Should Boost Precious Metals and Miners in 2013

We are still climbing the wall of worry as wealth in the ground metals becomes increasingly cheaper in a world that is threatened with the ghosts of depressions and deflations past.

“Gold Market Overhang” Poses Risk of Another Price Fall, Fiscal Cliff “Will See Minimal Last Minute Deal”

“Gold Market Overhang” Poses Risk of Another Price Fall, Fiscal Cliff “Will See Minimal Last Minute Deal”

Rising Euro, Falling Dollar and… Correlations Turned Upside Down

This week has brought in some calm after recent declines in the precious metals sector.

1980 Top in Gold as a Reference Point for Precious Metals Investors

This essay is inspired by a question we received from one of our subscribers. On December 2012, we published an essay on gold and the dollar collapse in which we pointed out why you might profit from gold even if the U.S. dollar doesn’t deteriorate completely.

Precious Metals “Under Pressure” Ahead of Year-End, US “Due to Hit Debt Ceiling This Monday” says Geithner

U.S. DOLLAR gold prices traded above $1650 an ounce Thursday morning, in line with where they started the week, as the London market reopened following Christmas.

What Can 1 Oz of Gold Buy?

Submitted by CommodityHq, Click Here for the answer.

A Look on Gold from the Non-USD Perspective

This was a week of declines for precious metals, very strong ones, indeed.

Gold And Silver Still Better Off Than Earlier This Year

Even though this summer was a sentiment wasteland for the precious metals markets, right now feels like a close second.

Gold Regains Some Ground, “Good Demand” for Gold from India

ON THE FINAL day before Christmas, gold prices edged higher Monday morning, climbing to $1665 per ounce and recovering some of the ground lost last week.

Precious Metals Decouple from Stock Market

At the end of July we wrote an article examining the relationship between gold stocks and general equities. We sought to understand the huge variance in performance between the two markets. Sometimes they trended higher together. Sometimes the gold stocks surged while conventional equities fell into a bear market. Both markets have endured bad bears … Continue reading “Precious Metals Decouple from Stock Market”

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