Almaden (AAU) – Okay, what now?

Evidently at one point it was Casey, then RevShark @ TSDC.  Now? 

All I know is that this one is a core holding of mine, but things are much different than in the quaint old days when it was not only under the radar, but buried 6 feet under.  One look at the yahoo! message board shows that indeed it is filled with pumping yahoos, one of whom is touting an $8 target. 

So what was it this time?  Was the news on extension of the Ixtaca zone that good or did somebody’s herd get the high sign again?

The same general scenario happened with Fuel Tech (FTEK), a core holding of mine years ago as it floated seemingly eternally in the 4-6 range before getting the TSDC pump (via Cramer).  I dumped at 10 and 13 for 100% and 160%, before it ultimately got taken to the mid/high 30’s by a bunch of yahoos.  Lesson learned.  I’ll stick w/ AAU for now and enjoy the celebrity I guess.  But I really can’t stand the way stocks tend to get pumped by various smart Alecks.  I guess it’s all part of the process of watching your little children grow up and find out the way the world really works.

Speaking of Fuel Tech, that is another candidate for review in NFTRH112.

Okay, NOW have a great TG and a great Thursday for those not about to indulge!

Source: Almaden (AAU) – Okay, what now?