Anyone Invested in MGIC is a Moron

MGIC is the largest U.S. mortgage insurer – outside of the U.S. Government, of course. They released horrible results, forecast massive future losses, and will issue $700 million of new stock on top of $300 million in junk bonds. Perhaps – with much emphasis on that modifier – there might be asset coverage for the bonds. The stock is worthless. Hey but fear not – Goldman Sachs is managing BOTH offerings – “c’mon in guys, the water is perfect!” Here’s the link: In Goldman We Trust. The underwriting syndicate will probably make about $50 million in fees.

Einstein said the definition of “insanity” is making the same mistake over and over again – and expecting a different result. Do you really want to take the other side of something Goldman Sachs is selling?

I heard from a associate yesterday who told me one his client’s called him to inform that is house in Florida, formerly worth $1.4 million, now might be worth $450k. His neighbor’s house, formerly worth $1.5 million, was appraised for $500k. 66% decline in value for non-distressed homes. This type of real estate revaluation will spread to the whole country.

I’m sure that if I went thru MGIC’s financials with a fine-tooth comb, I could demonstrat that even the debt on MGIC worth, at best 50 cents on the dollar, assuming today’s real estate prices. It will only get worse…

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