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Stagflation and the credit cycle

The credit cycle that normally drives advanced economies through boom and bust is turning out to be different this time round

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Gold challenges $1350

From last Friday’s close at $1322, gold opened strongly on Monday trading, as high as $1355 before losing two thirds of the rise on Tuesday.

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USD & Euro Indices Correct – What About Gold?

In our most recent article on gold, USD and Euro Indices we wrote that the outlook for the yellow metal was bearish just as the outlook for the Euro Index and just as it was bullish for the USD Index.

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Follow the Beta Plays with Junior Silver Miners: PureFunds’ Andrew Chanin

TICKERS: EXN; EXLLF, PEM, SVB; SVBL, TV; TREVF Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report  (8/28/13) PureFunds has a simple strategy: Be first in the market with innovative exchange-traded funds. Andrew Chanin, PureFunds’ co-founder and COO, describes the firm’s ISE Junior Silver ETF and the factors that make a “leveraged play to the actual spot price of … Continue reading

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Will Gold Mining Stocks Drop Any Further?

Last week was very disappointing for those who had previously been long precious metals and very profitable for precious metals bears. A lot happened after the FOMC meeting and the Federal Reserve Chairman’s statement on June 19, 2013.

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