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How oversold can gold get?

Gold is now extremely oversold, with emotional opinion in paper markets unanimously bearish.

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FMQ Update and valuing gold

In the two months since my last update on USD Fiat Money Quantity, it has increased by $292bn to $12.861 trillion and is still growing rapidly as shown in the chart below.

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Economies stalling

It wasn’t meant to be like this: six years of global money-printing should have guaranteed economic recovery.

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Economic Outlook Darkens

Many decades of Keynesian-inspired economic and monetary corruption have left advanced economies with a legacy of debt and low savings.

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Better tone to precious metals

Gold and silver prices gained modestly over the week, during which the latest FOMC minutes were released

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Gold and bail-ins

I am often asked whether or not western governments are likely to confiscate gold, and my answer has invariably been on the lines of “unlikely at the moment, because so few people own gold”.

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