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Investors Are Returning To The Undervalued Mining Stocks

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The brouhaha over the debt ceiling has generated upward moves, particularly in gold bullion. This is a primary example of a news driven market skewing orthodox technical measurements. Now it is entirely possible that the scare headlines are generating a caffeinated move to surpass resistance areas, especially in gold.

Gold Bullion Moves Parabolic: Look For Mining Stocks To Play Catch Up

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Uncertainty and fear are the mother’s milk of the metal’s market. Our pundits, politicians and professors have given us plenty of reasons to question whether these supposed savants are steering with a working compass. One day headlines proclaim, “Bernanke Ready To Do More If Needed”. Then we later read that the Professor is playing down … Continue reading “Gold Bullion Moves Parabolic: Look For Mining Stocks To Play Catch Up”

Could Current Jobs Data Benefit Gold and Silver Investors?

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At times such as these the economy reminds us of the inscription that Dante read posted to the gates to hell, “Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here.” Gold Stock Trades takes a different view of this grim admonition.

Why Mining Investors Must Follow Peru

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The elections in Peru of Humala, an avowed radical socialist, is an ongoing development of great significance for precious metals and mining investors.

Long Range Arc Of Gold and Silver Points Upward

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One of the functions of Gold Stock Trades is to help subscribers separate the daily chaff from the long term view of the economic grain. The markets will do what they have always done, which is to confuse, misdirect and obfuscate.

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