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Is the Rise In Uranium Miners Forecasting a Near Term Supply Shortfall?

We have constantly advocated investments in uranium mining(URA), particularly in friendly jurisdictions such as North America. This support of the nuclear sector (NLR) has often been in the face of formidable attacks by naysayers, using every weapon in their arsenal to denigrate proponents of atomic energy. No other sector in recent memory has had to withstand such a barrage.

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The Surprise Rally In Gold and Silver

At the end of 2011, Merkel and Sarkozy got together for an unusual emergency meeting. They pledged to come up with economic salvation. Immediately the equity markets mounted a year end “Halleluyah” rally.

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Resource Stocks Breaking Out Of Bases and Forming New Uptrends

The end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 greeted investors with spooky market stories to scare investors.  A prominent cartoon in the Wall St. Journal depicted a pretty lady shrieking, “The DOW Sank 17%”.  Another balloon read “The US Loses Its AAA Rating”.  She is screaming, “Who Will Fix Europe?”.  Another caption reads, … Continue reading

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Riders On The Gold and Silver Storm

Those of us who are buyers and believers in the long term continuing secular rise in resource equities are going through a time of testing.

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