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Moodys Warns U.S. May Get Credit Downgrade in “Coming Two Years”

By Don Miller, Associate Editor, Money Morning The United States’ AAA credit rating may be at risk sooner than previously thought as the nation fails to deal with its growing debt, Moody’s Investors Service warned last week. Moody’s said December’s extension of the Bush-era tax cuts, combined with results from the November elections, may lead … Continue reading

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The Shift Toward De-globalization is Bullish for Gold

You can see signs of de-globalization everywhere. Just look at the intense shareholder opposition to Prudential PLC’s proposed takeover of the Asian operations of American International Group Inc. (NYSE: AIG).

And that’s just one example….

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Despite Spiraling Contagion Fears, Spain Debt Worries Are Overblown

By Martin Hutchinson, Contributing Editor, Money Morning It had a huge housing boom, and is now dealing with the fallout. It has a left-of-center government and a big budget deficit, but relatively low debt in relation to its gross domestic product (GDP). And it has a worrisome current account deficit. I’m talking, of course, about … Continue reading

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Will America Choke on its Own Debt

By William Patalon III, Executive Editor, Money Morning Is America getting in too deep? According to a new estimate by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), if the United States continues along its current path, U.S. public debt will reach 90% of the nation’s economic output by 2020. Given that federal debt has already zoomed to … Continue reading

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Soros Questions the Euro’s Future

In an editorial penned for the Financial Times, billionaire investing icon George Soros said that while Greece could be salvaged by a makeshift financial-rescue package, bigger problems lie ahead for the euro.

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