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Interview with Palisade Radio: Is Gold in a New Bull Market?

Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT is confident the bottom is in for gold stocks. Although, the gold price rebound is not as strong as other historic rebounds and gold needs to close this month above 1180 to lock in the long term bullish trend. Jordan believes that gold will likely test the 1200 mark again this month … Continue reading

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Rick Rule: I Am Too Wise To Call A Bottom In Mining

Is the bottom in? Rick has seen too many cycles to answer a question like that. Despite the many claims, truth is, nobody knows yet. But his previous call for a potential capitulation in October is likely off the table. Mr. Rule has dedicated his entire adult life to many aspects of natural resources securities … Continue reading

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David Skarica’s 2015 Investment Forecast

Collin Kettell sits down with newsletter writer David Skarica in the Bahamas to talk about the markets. David is known for his contrarian views, and his knowledge of investments, economics and the markets in general. David has identified “four major investment themes”, which he has translated into actionable trades. In this discussion, David shares his … Continue reading

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