David Skarica’s 2015 Investment Forecast

Collin Kettell sits down with newsletter writer David Skarica in the Bahamas to talk about the markets. David is known for his contrarian views, and his knowledge of investments, economics and the markets in general. David has identified “four major investment themes”, which he has translated into actionable trades. In this discussion, David shares his four major global trends/events, with two representing long positions, and the other two short positions.

In this week’s interview with David, you’ll learn about:

● Why Russia’s stock market is poised for a major, major boom

● David’s analysis of gold stocks, and why they are a once in a life-time contrarian opportunity

● Marginal gold producers, and why they will be some of the most profitable investments in the gold space

● How to play an unorthodox short trade, benefiting from coming bond defaults in shale oil companies

● Ways to profit from a Japanese monetary and fiscal policy doomed to disaster….