Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA

Interview: A Bounce Worth Playing

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder of The Daily Gold has been calling the down market for metals throughout the summer. That is why I find him updated calls so noteworthy. As we discuss in the interview he is watching some levels slightly lower in the GDX and silver that will provide a good bounce. Click Here to … Continue reading “Interview: A Bounce Worth Playing”

TheDailyGold Premium Flash Update (9/5)

The 8-page flash update was emailed to subscribers and published late Tuesday night. Gold stocks and Silver break to new lows. What’s next?  

TheDailyGold Premium Update #585

The 24-page premium update was published and emailed to subscribers early Sunday AM. The update discussed the immediate outlook for precious metals and among other things a niche in the resource space that could be starting a new bull market.  

Interview: Update on Gold and Gold Stock Trends

In this podcast I spoke with Jordan-Roy-Byrne of to get this take on what he sees happening in the gold market now and going forward. Jordan has been spot on in the past few months on the gold action and warned of coming weakness this summer before the August gold price drop break on … Continue reading “Interview: Update on Gold and Gold Stock Trends”

Upside Targets for Gold, Gold Stocks & Silver

  After a vicious selloff precious metals have stabilized. Its not a surprise given the breadth and sentiment extremes we noted and had predicted earlier. Although recent gains have met some resistance, the immediate path of least resistance should be higher. Let’s take a look at the key support and resistance levels for the metals … Continue reading “Upside Targets for Gold, Gold Stocks & Silver”

Interview: US$ Pullback and Key Targets for Silver, GDX

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder of The Daily Gold shares some updated targets for the US Dollar, Silver and GDX. There are a lot of differing opinions on the dollar right now but even a further pullback does not change the charts to bearish. As for the bounce in PMs, we are not seeing silver or the … Continue reading “Interview: US$ Pullback and Key Targets for Silver, GDX”

Video: Can Gold’s CoT Jump-Start a Bull Market?

Gold’s CoT has been making the rounds. We take a deeper look and consider how parameters can change based on the trend in the market. Click Here to Learn More About TheDailyGold Premium  

Interview: Rate Cut Cycles for Gold Stocks & Gold’s CoT

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Editor of The Daily Gold shares his research on how rate cutting cycles impact gold. We also look at the CoT reports for gold in a historical perspective. Click Here to Learn About TheDailyGold Premium  

TheDailyGold Premium Update #584

The 22-page update was published and emailed to subscribers Saturday at 4:20pm PST. We cover the outlook for metals prices with targets. We note when and at which prices to buy some of our holdings. Hint: two are immediate buys on weakness.

TheDailyGold Premium Update (8/22)

The 6-page premium update covers our immediate outlook for the sector with targets. The update also comments on two stocks we own.  

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