Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA

TheDailyGold Premium Flash Update (4/2)

The 6-page flash update was published and emailed to subscribers Monday night. The update comments on several companies.

Gold Fundamentals Continue to Improve

    Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Precious Metals disappointed again. The miners were leading the metals but the metals broke down from bear flag patterns and that took the miners lower, suggesting an interim top is in place. The technicals suggest weakness could be ahead for the sector but the fundamentals are … Continue reading “Gold Fundamentals Continue to Improve”

TheDailyGold Premium Update #615

The 24-page update was published and emailed to subscribers Saturday night. Within this update we discuss the outlook for the sector both near term and later in the year. We also discuss two companies on our buy list over the next few months and which one we may start to build a position in very … Continue reading “TheDailyGold Premium Update #615”

Interview: Metals vs. Miners & What Really Matters

We have been hearing a lot about how the metals stocks have been performing better than the underlying metals prices and how that is bullish for the sector. While it is positive to see the stocks outperforming it does not confirm a full on bull market. Jordan Roy-Byrne joins me to share the indicators and … Continue reading “Interview: Metals vs. Miners & What Really Matters”

TheDailyGold Premium Flash Update (3/26)

The 9-page flash update was published and emailed to subscribers late Monday evening. In this update we comment on a few important sector developments and a handful of our stocks. Which are the best buys now on the explorer side and in the lower risk category?

Falling Yields a Catalyst for The Catalyst

  Since last spring we’ve written over and over again about a Fed rate cut being the catalyst for a bull move in gold stocks. The history is almost bulletproof. Many lows in gold stocks over the past 60 years coincided with the end of rate hikes. At present the Federal Reserve is in pause … Continue reading “Falling Yields a Catalyst for The Catalyst”

TheDailyGold Premium Update #614

This 26-page update includes a report on a company we think could be the next Mariana Resources. We cover the sector outlook and provide buy price targets for a handful of our positions.

Interview: Relating Moves in Bonds, US dollar & Stocks to Gold

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder of The Daily Gold joins me to share his thoughts on how gold has reacted to the moves in bonds, USD, and US markets. While we are seeing a lot of range bound markets but gold has been strangely quiet. Click Here to Learn About TheDailyGold Premium  

TheDailyGold Premium Flash Update (3/21)

The 7-page update was emailed and published to subscribers Thursday AM.  

Gold Stocks Outperform Gold but Not Stocks

    In recent weeks we noted the bullish outlook for the stock market. Friday the S&P 500 as well as ACWX (global equity ETF ex US stocks) closed above resistance and made higher highs. Not surprisingly, as US and global equities have avoided a bear market (for the time being), precious metals have weakened. … Continue reading “Gold Stocks Outperform Gold but Not Stocks”

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