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US Dollar Reversal

US Dollar could correct for awhile, either in a form of a prolonged consolidation or even possibly….

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Emerging Markets to Rebound?

Emerging market equities have been under-performing since May 2011 and have essentially gone sideways since late 2009…

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Interesting Global Marco Charts

Consensus outlook is that Gold goes lower, much lower and that US Dollar goes higher, much higher….

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Update on Gold

I would like to make one final observation. Just for one second, think about this….

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Could Gold Surprise us All?

Chart 1: Gold’s wedge is reversing its course as it tries to rally upward!   Source: Short Side of Long   Let us be honest here for a second. Almost every Wall Street Strategists has been expecting Gold below $1,100 this year and even below $1,000 next year. Every trade has been positioning for the breakdown … Continue reading

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Precious Metals Bear Market Update

The question Precious Metals bulls have been asking themselves is how much more pain is there to go before a new bull market restarts?…

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