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Gold Most Oversold since 1985

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Chart 1: Gold is now down almost 28% over the last 12 months     Source: Short Side of Long  According to at least one technical indicator, Gold is now most oversold since 1985. The indicator I am tracking here is the simple yearly rolling performance, also known as 52 week rate of change. Essentially we are … Continue reading “Gold Most Oversold since 1985”

Market Breadth Worries

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Here are some interesting breadth charts I am looking at right now, with some quick notes…..

GLD ETF Holdings

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In the past year, holdings in GLD have declined from about 1350 tonnes to barely over 900 tonnes. This is the lowest since Q1 2009 when the Gold price was about $900.  

Breadth Divergence In Gold Mining Sector

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Whether it was the technical oversold levels or the extreme bearish sentiment, there is no denying the fact that Gold Miners are now at bargain prices….

Which Assets will Benefit from QE3?

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….. it is my view that certain risk assets like Precious Metals and Agriculture will benefit much more from Fed’s QE, while other risk assets….

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