Willem Weytjens

Gold(Stocks) Bottom?

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Earlier today, the markets tanked on Europe concerns. Gold & Gold Stocks were not spared.

2008 or 1979 all over again?

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If the pattern isn’t broken soon, this could mean we are about to see 2008 all over again, and silver could drop another 50% from here

Gold 1980: “Deja Vu”?

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Have you ever experienced a “Deja Vu” feeling? Well, if you have never experienced one, maybe after reading this post you will.

Gold Sell-Off, Now What?

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After reaching an all-time high well above $1,900 earlier this week, gold is now about $180 lower, just two days later.

Outlook: Gold, Stocks, Volatility, Euro & Bonds

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One month ago, the SP500 was trading at 1,345 points. Today it is trading at 1,128 points, or down over 16%.
One month ago, Gold was trading at $1,601. Today, it is trading at $1,891, or up over 18%.

HUI:GOLD vs Bank Of America

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Gold has reached an all-time high well over $1900 yesterday, so the Gold bugs have reason to celebrate.

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