Willem Weytjens

Safe Havens Becoming Dangerous?

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You have probably read it many times the last couple of days: People are rushing into safe havens such as Gold, the Swiss Franc and the Japanese Yen. When the mass is doing something, we pay attention. We get cautious.

Silver – an historical comparison

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In this article, we will describe both a bullish and a bearish view on silver. Some say Gold and Silver are huge bubbles about to pop (they say that silver already popped when it dropped from nearly $50 to nearly $30 in may)

Dow-to-Gold and Greece-to-Gold

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In this article we will discuss different ratios, including the important DowJones-to-Gold ratio, but also a special ratio which we will discuss below. Let’s start with the DowJones-to-Gold ratio. When you see the following chart, you will probably be convinced that the Dow-to-Gold ratio has a long way to go before bottoming. Since 1900, the … Continue reading “Dow-to-Gold and Greece-to-Gold”

Gold headed to $5,000 per ounce?

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After writing an article about the Platinum-to-Gold ratio, I decided to do more with the excel sheet, like calculating correlations and plotting the price charts for example.

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