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Another High for Euro-Denominated Gold

As the euro is plunging (and dollar by implication surging) with gold yet again flat and looking like it may turn positive for the day, gold denominated in euros just hit another all time record of €827.

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Gold Market Summary q4 2009, from World Gold Council

The topic that generates by far the greatest disagreement in the investment community, just after whether we will have inflation or deflation, is whether gold is cheap or expensive……

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Gold Proves Sticky as US$ Surges

….are prevailing $1000+ levels the new “normal” for gold in a world in which the weakness of the fiat system is increasingly put into question…..

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December Sovereign Gold Reserve Holding Update

The biggest changes in holdings in the September-December period were for the IMF, which sold 212 tonnes of gold, while India (200 tonnes added), Russia (39.3), Sri Lanka (10) and Mauritius (2) all saw an increase in their gold holdings.

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