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Major Gold Takedown To Inspire “Risk On” During Another Bad News Day

Another day, another $15 gold takedown in a manner of seconds. Liquidations or LBMA intervention, nobody cares anymore. Presumably the agenda of the day is to make investors believe that all is well in Europe, and that among all the upcoming stress test results announcements, the “fact” that a single bank will not be in … Continue reading

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S&P-To-Gold Ratio: On Verge Of 1.00 Breakdown

As the attached chart demonstrates, the S&P may soon take out the 1.00x ratio to gold price per oz. With the IMF facilitated Greek bailout, the euro is now a sideshow and nothing more than a political corpse in the hands of a few million Nordrhein-Westfalen voters next weekend. That a bailout of a country … Continue reading

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