Silver & Gold Stocks Dangerously Close to Breakdown

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The fledgling rebound in the precious metals complex suddenly reversed course. Since the intraday peak last Thursday, gold stocks (GDX and GDXJ) declined about 13% while Gold lost $1100/oz and today (Thursday) $1080/oz. Silver, which did not mount much of a rebound to begin with remains mired below $13/oz. Gold is showing increasing relative strength … Continue reading “Silver & Gold Stocks Dangerously Close to Breakdown”

US Dollar Forecast

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A few days ago we wrote about the potential effects of a Fed rate hike on precious metals. After consulting history we concluded that the rate hike would be immediately bullish for precious metals but subsequently bearish. The main reason is because when the Fed started a new cycle of increases during an already established bull market … Continue reading “US Dollar Forecast”

US$ Breakout Could Unleash Capitulation in Precious Metals

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Last Friday we wrote that precious metals were very oversold and due for a bounce or a pause. We also argued that the overall prognosis remained very bearish. The technicals argue for more downside and sentiment indicators remain far from bearish extremes. The strength in the US$ index is another reason precious metals should remain … Continue reading “US$ Breakout Could Unleash Capitulation in Precious Metals”

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