US$ Breakout Could Unleash Capitulation in Precious Metals

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Last Friday we wrote that precious metals were very oversold and due for a bounce or a pause. We also argued that the overall prognosis remained very bearish. The technicals argue for more downside and sentiment indicators remain far from bearish extremes. The strength in the US$ index is another reason precious metals should remain … Continue reading “US$ Breakout Could Unleash Capitulation in Precious Metals”

Bearish Reversal in Precious Metals at Resistance…Again

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The precious metals sector sharply reversed course after the Federal Reserve hinted that it may raise rates at its next meeting. This about face from the Fed was enough to effectively end the fledgling rally that began in the summer and threatened to take metals and miners higher to their 400-day moving averages. The prevailing … Continue reading “Bearish Reversal in Precious Metals at Resistance…Again”

Silver’s Bearish Signal

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The metal posted a false break out above the 200 day moving average during the FOMC meeting, which was followed…

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