When is Gold Ever Going to Breakout?

In this interview I spoke with Jordan Roy-Byrne of thedailygold.com to talk about an article he posted here. Gold and gold mining stocks have been going sideways all year now and people have forgotten about them and do not care about them. It will take a key rally through $25.50 on the GDX to make … Continue reading “When is Gold Ever Going to Breakout?”

TheDailyGold Premium Update #545

The 21-page update was published, emailed to subscribers and uploaded to the website Sunday evening. This update covers Novo Resources’ recent news, action in the stock and potential support levels. It also covers our sector outlook as well as buy target prices for a handful of companies.    

Flash Update (11/21)

The 9-page flash update has been published, emailed to subscribers and posted to the website. In this update we cover what is happening with the US Dollar, Bond Yields, Real Yields and what market expectations are for Fed policy. We also comment on two companies and potential buy price targets.    

TheDailyGold Premium Update #544

The 26-page premium update has been published, emailed to subscribers and uploaded to the website. This update covers (among other things) the sector outlook and short-term upside potential, expectations for when the next leg higher could begin, Gold in real terms, lengthy Q&A, buy price targets and a second developer with big insider buying.  

What History Says for Gold Stocks in 2018-2019

      It has been a while since we’ve applied historical analysis to the precious metals sector. It is something we really enjoy as history can help define and contextualize current trends and help us spot opportunities. Back in March of this year we noted that the gold stocks could be following the path … Continue reading “What History Says for Gold Stocks in 2018-2019”

Pacific Northwest Trading Workshop Presentation

Friday evening I presented to the Pacific Northwest Trading Workshop in Langley, BC. The 26-slide presentation has been published, emailed to subscribers and uploaded to the members section.  

Flash Update (11/17)

The 3-page flash update has been published and emailed to subscribers.  

Interview with Korelin Economics Report: Historical Comparisons for Gold Stocks

Jordan Roy-Byrne has found some very interesting similarities between some markets you would not expect and gold. Long term chart patterns have a history or repeating themselves even if the markets are unrelated. In this interview we look at the turn from crashes to bull markets that are similar to what gold is currently experiencing. … Continue reading “Interview with Korelin Economics Report: Historical Comparisons for Gold Stocks”

TheDailyGold Premium Update #543

Early Monday morning we published and emailed subscribers the 22-page update. It was a bit shorter than usual but we included some important thoughts on the sector, among other things.  

Metals Investor Forum Presentation

Saturday we presented at the Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver, BC. The title of our presentation was “The Bearish Bull Continued.” We discussed what needs to happen both technically and fundamentally for the bearish part of the bull to dissipate. We also introduced some interesting historical comparisons and what they portend to for the gold … Continue reading “Metals Investor Forum Presentation”

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