TheDailyGold Premium Update #552

Saturday evening we published and emailed TDG #552 to subscribers. In this 28-page update we cover a number of things including our detailed technical outlook for Gold, gold stocks and Silver as well as current standing of two sentiment indicators. We also included a report on one of our latest buys (a few weeks ago). … Continue reading “TheDailyGold Premium Update #552”

One Big, Potential Catalyst for Gold in 2018

        The rebound in the precious metals sector continues. Friday, Gold pushed to another new high, near $1340/oz. Gold stocks led by the HUI Gold Bugs Index and GDX also made a new high with juniors and Silver right behind. The greatest traders say the move comes first and then the reason … Continue reading “One Big, Potential Catalyst for Gold in 2018”

Flash Update (1/9)

Late Tuesday evening we published and emailed subscribers an 8-page flash update. The immediate outlook for precious metals was discussed as well as three companies. Two of the three could be buys on a bit more weakness.  

TheDailyGold Premium Update #551

TDG #551, a 32-page update was published and emailed to subscribers Saturday evening. It was also uploaded to the members section. This update included, among other things, notes on five companies, two of which we do not own (p3-p4), Q&A on two other companies (p5), updated junior bull analog charts (p20-p21) and some historical Gold … Continue reading “TheDailyGold Premium Update #551”

Here are the Key Levels in Gold & Gold Miners

      The rally in Gold and gold mining stocks easily surpassed our expectations and targets. The strength has been far more than we anticipated. The gold stocks blew past their 200-day moving averages while Gold blew past $1300/oz. Now it is time to take a technical look and focus on the key support … Continue reading “Here are the Key Levels in Gold & Gold Miners”

Interview with J22 Report

John interviews Jordan Roy-Byrne from the Daily Gold. Discussed was if there was fundamental changes occurring in gold market in 2018, if anything technically changed in 2018, if Gold’s out performance of the miners spells trouble for the gold market ahead, why the gold stocks could break out of consolidation in 2018, and the bond … Continue reading “Interview with J22 Report”

Interview with Korelin Economics Report: Why Gold Could Breakout in 2018

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder of The Daily Gold posted a great article outlining why he thinks gold could breakout in 2018. The link to the full post in below. In the interview we focus on the potential of inflation and how long term bonds play a roll in telling us. Also how historical recoveries seem to … Continue reading “Interview with Korelin Economics Report: Why Gold Could Breakout in 2018”

Video Update: Is the Correlation Between Gold & Bonds Changing?

Recently Gold and long-term bond prices have trended in the same direction. When bond yields declined, Gold gained. However, in the past few months Gold has held up well and performed as long-term bond prices move towards a potential major breakdown.   Click Here to Learn More About & Subscribe to our Premium Service  

TheDailyGold Premium Update #550

The 20-page premium update was published and emailed to subscribers early Tuesday morning. The update covered our latest thoughts on the sector, which stock is the best buy right now and which other stock we would buy on a 5% dip.  

5 Reasons Gold Stocks Will Breakout in 2018

        There are very few sellers left There were very few sellers left in January 2016 when the devastating “forever bear” was about to end. Six months later and a 150% rebound in the large caps and 200% rise in the juniors (GDXJ) provided sellers an opportunity. They drove the miners and … Continue reading “5 Reasons Gold Stocks Will Breakout in 2018”

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