Negative Divergence in the Gold Stocks

    After a severe selloff, precious metals have enjoyed a bit of a respite. Corrections are a function of time and/or price. The correction to the recent selloff has been more in time than than price. Metals and miners have stabilized over the past nine trading days but have not rebounded much in price … Continue reading “Negative Divergence in the Gold Stocks”

Flash Update (11/7)

In this 7-page flash update we cover the latest action in the sector, our expectations for the sector and two companies. One of those companies is Novo Resources, our largest holding.  

TheDailyGold Premium Update #542

The 34-page premium update was published early Sunday morning and emailed to subscribers. The update covered our short-term outlook for the sector, what is driving Gold right now and current sentiment on Gold. In addition, the update covered two of our holdings that announced recent news, the price at which we want to buy a certain … Continue reading “TheDailyGold Premium Update #542”

Interview with Korelin Economics Report: Gold & Rising Bond Yields

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder of the TheDailyGold.com joins me today to recap a recent article he published on his site. We look at the general rise in yields recently and assess what it would take for gold and other precious metals to benefit on the heals of this environment. We also look at GDX and GDXJ … Continue reading “Interview with Korelin Economics Report: Gold & Rising Bond Yields”

Flash Update (11/2)

This 8-page flash update covers our short-term outlook for the gold stocks, an important observation on bonds and comments on three companies. Two of the three companies are buys while the third reported excellent news and remains in an uptrend. One of the buys is from our watch list.  

When Will Rising Yields Benefit Gold?

      Over the past two years, Gold has been inversely correlated to bond yields. In a low inflation environment, falling bond yields drive real interest rates lower which benefits Gold. Conversely, rising yields are generally negative for Gold. When long-term yields exploded higher in the second half of 2016, Gold declined hard. Now … Continue reading “When Will Rising Yields Benefit Gold?”

TheDailyGold Premium Update #541

This 27-page update was published and emailed to subscribers Sunday evening. The update covered, among other things, our short-term outlook for the sector, buy targets for some of the stocks we like and the fundamental developments needed to boost Gold into a real bull market.  

Flash Update (10/27)

This 8 page flash update was published and emailed to subscribers early Friday morning. The update covered our immediate outlook for the gold stocks, Novo Resources as well as bond yields and their potential impact on Gold.

Interview with Mining Stock Education: Role of Technical Analysis

Jordan Roy-Byrne offers his insights regarding the role of technical analysis in junior resource investing. Jordan is the editor and publisher of TheDailyGold.com and The Daily Gold Premium. He is the author of the 2015 book “The Coming Renewal of Gold’s Secular Bull Market” and the host of The Daily Gold podcast. Jordan’s expertise is … Continue reading “Interview with Mining Stock Education: Role of Technical Analysis”

TheDailyGold Premium Update #540

TDG #540 was published and emailed to subscribers early Sunday. The update is 30 pages long and presents our near-term outlook on the sector, potential buy target prices for juniors we hold and some commentary on what is needed to get the precious metals sector moving higher.  

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