The Daily Gold Podcast #1 w/ Dave Skarica

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We are going to do a few podcasts per week with various guests. Friend and colleague Dave Skarica was here for our first podcast. Listen below for our comments on the current outlook for precious metals:

Interview With Dave Skarica

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Short Interview with Dave Skarica. We talked a week ago and Dave gave his outlook for the precious metals in 2010. We’ll have lots more interviews in 2010!

My Interview with Dave Skarica

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Yesterday I interviewed friend and colleague Dave Skarica, of We discussed Treasuries, the Sovereign Debt bubble, the US Dollar, Gold and Gold Stocks.

My Interview with Todd Harrison

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Last week I interviewed Todd Harrison, founder and CEO of Minyanville. The main topic of our conversation was currencies and how action in the currency market (specifically the US$) could be a trigger for the next phase of this crisis, which has also morphed into a socioeconomic crisis. We talked about the chances of a … Continue reading “My Interview with Todd Harrison”

My interview with Jim Rogers

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Yesterday I interviewed Jim Rogers, who obviously needs no introduction. I emailed him and we were able to do the interview the same day. The thing which differentiates Rogers from others is that he not only answers the exact questions asked of him but he answers thoroughly. His humble nature, in addition to the knowledge … Continue reading “My interview with Jim Rogers”

Financial Tube Interviews

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This weekend interviewed Adrian Douglas of &, Mike Swanson of and Dave Skarica of

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