TheDailyGold Podcast

TheDailyGold Podcast

TheDailyGold Podcast is hosted by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, MFTA. Our coverage focuses on the precious metals sector, the junior mining industry, global capital markets and the global macroeconomic world that impacts said markets and industries. Our guests are top industry analysts and experts in the form of analysts, newsletter writers and fund managers. If you like what you hear, please take a minute to leave a review on iTunes.

Tiho Brkan: These are the type of conditions that create great buying opportunities

Tiho Brkan shares his thoughts on Gold, Silver and the miners….

Developments in Europe, the next Catalyst for Gold?

Greg Weldon breaks it down for us in this great interview…..

Mickey Fulp: “The US$ has been rising yet Commodities have stayed flat”

“That tells you commodities are rising in real terms….”

Balmoral Resources Expands High-Grade Martiniere System

With over $15M in cash and numerous high-grade intercepts in a great jurisdiction, Balmoral itself could be a target….

Jim Bianco: Why Now is the Time to Buy Gold

In this 11 minute video, Jim Bianco explains why now is the time to buy Gold…

Interview with WallStreet Window

Jordan sees plenty of signs that sentiment for gold has reached an extremely bearish level which typically comes at key bottoms. He also explained…

Bear Creek is Advancing World-Class Corani project to Production

Bear Creek Mining founder and CEO Andy Swarthout talks about his company’s history, and the discovery and development of…

Interview with Financial Survival Network

We discuss our reasons for why a major low in the precious metals and mining stocks is at hand and why the long-term outlook remains strong. Go Here to Listen to the Interview  

Pete Dougherty: I see this as a potentially great acquisition time frame, not only for us but for investors

An interview with Argonaut Gold President & CEO, Pete Dougherty

Corvus Gold is Positioned to Ride Out the Gold Volatility

Jeff Pontius, founder and CEO of Corvus Gold discusses the company’s recent news, why it’s positioned well for the future and what investors should be looking for in mining companies.   Corvus Gold is a paid sponsor of our website and free newsletter.

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