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Video: Targeting $1950 for Gold & Bit More Upside for Gold Miners

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Gold inched higher last week past resistance at $1900-$1920. The next resistance is $1950-$1960. Silver continues to lag and probably needs Gold to surpass $1960 if it has a chance to surpass $24.50 and test resistance at $26. The gold stocks and silver stocks (GDX, GDXJ, SILJ) could have another 4% upside if Gold reaches … Continue reading “Video: Targeting $1950 for Gold & Bit More Upside for Gold Miners”

Video: Gold Rebound Compared to Past Rebounds

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We discuss our updated Gold Bull Analog Chart and Gold’s weekly candle chart. If this is the start of a bull market for Gold, then the analog chart provides a guide for expectations. Click Here to Learn About TheDailyGold Premium

Video: 2 Unknown Leading Indicators for Gold

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If you follow my work, you will know one of the leading indicators. The other is Platinum. I rarely cover Platinum but noticed it has been leading Gold. Years ago someone told me Platinum was a leading indicator for Gold.

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