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Federal Agents Investigating JP Morgan’s Silver Market Manipulation

In case readers missed this, Sunday’s New York Post – the only major newspaper to report this, despite ALL major media outlets having been made aware of this – reported a wide-ranging investigation into JP Morgan’s silver market corruption.  The Antitrust Divsion of the Justice Dept is looking into criminal behavior and the CFTC is investigating civil charges.  The investigation is all-encompassing, including JP Morgan’s trading activity both on the NY Comex and the London Bullion Market Association.

(click on image to enlarge – source:  GATA)

The article pretty much explains the details.  As we all know, there is a major disconnect between the extreme paper and derivatives short in silver amassed by JP Morgan vs. the amount of silver available to deliver should the buyers of JPM’s fraudulent paper decide to ask for actual delivery of the metal, and especially if they decide to ask for private delivery out of JPM’s custodial warehouses.

For the record, and to highlight the degree of cover-up here, I know that the Financial Times was invited to participate in the fact-gathering and reporting of this investigation, but pulled out at the last minute.  Recall that former British PM Tony Blair is now a highly paid “advior” to JPM – no doubt he pulled strings to scare off the FT.  My hat’s off to the NY Post for doing its job in reporting the Truth.