Fiatus Decrepitus

Let others worry about trampoline jumping fiat currencies in the financial arena constructed by paperbugs. Gold bulls know all paper is sinking relative to Gold (and silver). It’s not rocket science, it’s the common sense that seems to be in short supply in a world held hostage by printing press-running central banksta fascists/corporatists.

Here are the charts showing the strength of Gold. It ain’t a U.S. Dollar thing, it ain’t a Euro thing, it ain’t a British Pound thing, and it ain’t a Canadian Dollar thing or even an Australian Dollar thing, it’s all the above (charts courtesy of

We are oversold in the short term and due for a brief correction in the precious metals patch, but come now paperbugs, you really aren’t ready to cry uncle yet? Get with the secular cycle before the Dow to Gold ratio makes new secular lows. You want deflation? Price the Dow in Gold. You want inflation? Price the Dow in U.S. Dollars. Such a simple concept and yet this is what separates the herd from the strong hands holding shiny metal outside the banking system.

Specific short-term trading recommendations reserved for subscribers, but buy physical Gold if you want to align yourself with the long term financial trend.