Adam Brochert

Gold – Are We There Yet?

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It has been a 1.5-2 year sideways affair for the precious metals (PM), depending on whether you look at silver (peak in April of 2011) or Gold (peak in August of 2011). PM stocks, on the other hand, have done quite a bit worse than go sideways. While the more conservative Gold has only fallen … Continue reading “Gold – Are We There Yet?”

Fiatus Decrepitus

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Let others worry about trampoline jumping fiat currencies in the financial arena constructed by paperbugs. Gold bulls know all paper is sinking relative to Gold (and silver). It’s not rocket science, it’s the common sense that seems to be in short supply in a world held hostage by printing press-running central banksta fascists/corporatists. Here are … Continue reading “Fiatus Decrepitus”

Deflationary Collapse In Action

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  In the modern fiat world, a deflationary-style stock market collapse isn’t supposed to happen. And yet that is exactly what Greece has already experienced and I don’t think it’s over yet. Here’s a modified chart any real bear has seen before: the first half of the 1929-1932 Dow Jones Industrial Average stock market bear, … Continue reading “Deflationary Collapse In Action”

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