Gold Miners

Was looking for smaller producers to replace the departed JAG, and once again went to review the GDXJ junior gold miner eft’s holdings and I realized that I will be best to pick my own explorers and juniors. I then went and reviewed the GDX gold miner etf’s holdings. Much more to my liking and a nice balance adding senior globally diversified gold miners to my current little guys.

So GDX joins one of its holdings – AUY – in the speculative portfolio today. Not due to any technicals whatsoever; due to the fact that I am way bullish on the intermediate term and my rule is to never be under exposed to a major bull market. I would like to add to this etf over time for some end of 2010 fun. I will also likely dump it if I am incorrect in my view that this is nothing like 2008.

Nah, can’t be; look at the dollar.