Gold Weekly Wrap



Gold pares rally as stronger US$ and Rally Spur Sales

Rand pares biggest weekly climb in seven

Bumi Plans Purchases to be Indonesian Mine Champion

US$ Rises, Bonds Fall on Bernanke Comments

US$ Extends Gains vs. Yen, Hits Session Highs

Asian Central Banks Intervene as US$ Sags

US Gold takes a Breather as US$ Rebounds


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Gold will Keep Advancing After Record, Survey Shows (Bloomberg)

Gold Rises to Record 3rd Straight Day on US$, Inflation (Bloomberg)

Northam May Build 6 Billion Rand Mine (Bloomberg)

Westmore Sees Potential Downside Risk to Gold (Bloomberg)

Euro Rises to 2-Week High, Trichet Sees Economy Stabilizing (Bloomberg)

South African Mining Output Fell 11.5% from August 2008 (Bloomberg)

Gold Spikes Give Consumers Pause, Not Fever (Reuters)

Jim Rogers Wary of Buying Gold at New High (Reuters)

Alamos Gold Says q3 Production up 7%


Be Cautious About Investing in Gold- Global Investing Editor

Gold Breaks Out But Beware of Potential Pullback- Jordan Kahn

Wary of the New Gold Rush- Alexander Kateb

Gold’s New Record, Less than Half its Real Price- Gold Core

Beware Fortune Magazine’s Gold Warning- Jeff Nielsen

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Weak US$ Threat to Prosperity (CNBC)

Jim Rogers on Commodities (CNBC)

Gold Rises to Record (Bloomberg)

As Prices Soar, A Rush to Sell Gold

Gold (Bloomberg)

Interview with Jim Rogers (Bloomberg)

Dollars from Cents (CNBC)

Silver to Outperform (CNBC)

US$ Could Fall 10% (CNBC Europe)



Gold Buyers Cant Believe Wall Street Inflation Outlook at $1045/oz

Golds Record Price finds tepid response

China’s Gold Investors Undeterred by High Gold Prices

Jim Rogers wary of Buying Gold at New High

Investors May Take Shine to Silver After High Gold Prices

Gold at Record to Ruin Demand from Biggest Consumer

Treasuries are Little Changed Before $20 Billion, 10-year Sale

Gold Rises to Record on US$ Decline, Inflation-Outlook

Gold Off the Charts, May Target $1500

Kiener Recommends Investing in Physical Gold, Miners

Gold Futures Soar to New Record High Wednesday


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Metals & Mining Analyst Ratings/Estimates for Sr’s- Bill Matlock

Inflation/Deflation Part 1- Paul Mladjenovic

Will the US$ Get an Arab Oil Shock- William Engdahl


Bullish on Bullion (CNBC Europe)

Gold, Gold, Gold (Bloomberg)

Gold Jumps to Record high (Bloomberg)

Peter Schiff- Gold to Hit $5000 (Fox Biz)

If S&P Holds, Gold Could Hit $2000 (CNBC Europe)

US$ Will Retain its Place in the World (CNBC Europe)

Dave Skarica Video, 9/25 (TheFinancialTube)

More Upside Seen for Gold (CNBC Europe)

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Mid-Day Metals Review (Ira Epstein)



Barrett Says Global Commodities Priced for Rally

Saudi Central Bank Chief Backs US$

Iran Disparages US$ Dominance, Praises Euro

Treasuries Decline After $39 Billion Auction of 3-Year Notes

Bendixen Says Gold May Rise to $1150

US$ Falls on Report Report that Gulf States Might Stop Using Greenback

Ivanhoe, Rio to Develop $4B Mine in Mongolia

H3 Global Seeks Sovereign Wealth Investments (Gold, Silver)

US$ Falls after Australia Raises Interest Rates

Bass Buys Mortgages, Metals on Hyperinflation Fear

Jewelers Face Difficult Time Recouping Gold Cost

Gold Jumps to Record as Inflation Outlook Fuels Investor Demand


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Threat to Petro Dollar Sees Gold Surging to Record- Gold Core

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Is it Time to Start Gold Prospecting- Andy Abraham


Gold Shines (CNBC Europe)

A New Gold Rush (Bloomberg)

Gold to Reach $1200 (Bloomberg)

Gold has Broken Out to the Upside (YouTube)

Aussie Dollar Could Match US$ (CNBC Europe)

October 5


Ivanhoe Mines, Rio Tinto, Mongolia to Sign Agreement

Anglo Gold, De Beers Form Undersea Exploration Venture

Dollar Falls After G7 Avoids Tackling Weakness

Moboweni Ditches Verbal Intervention, Buys US$

Gold Fields Says Bullion Offset Labor, Electricity Costs

Sino Gold Rises on Australian Eldorado Bid Approval

Preston Sees Gold Rising Above $1200


Expecting Gold to Selloff Temporarily- Mark Brown

Why China Still Loves Gold/Silver- Kristjan Velbri

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Poor Jobs Report Leads to Renewed Risk Aversion

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Update of AMEX Gold Bugs Index- David Petch

Iran and the Bomb- Gold’s Blast off?- Marc Davis

Gold Trading Range- David Levenstein

A Bad Time to Put the Knock on Gold -Rick Ackerman


Ron Paul on Fox Biz News, re Gold Standard

Rich Dad Poor Dad- Silver is best Hedge Against Inflation

Hold a Gold Party (CNBC Europe)

Charting Oil & Gold (CNBC Asia)

US$ to be Buried Before 2018 (Max Keiser)

End of US$ Dominance (CNBC Asia)

US$ Seen Rebounding (CNBC Asia)