Gold-Silver Ratio Update


Well folks, it looks like I know what a big part of NFTRH100’s theme is going to be.  The GSR is not only breaking down on the daily, but now the weekly is showing damage.  This must be reversed soon or the d Boys are going to get clobbered sooner than I expected.  A couple support levels are noted.

On the big picture, d Boys are chasing down a Keynesian dream, only in reverse.  So the warning always has been that your hoped-for crashing ‘prices’ would be a temporary thing because there is absolutely no value attached to the paper you think you are going to use to buy these values.  What’s more, the now heavily manip’d treasury bond is really no valid sign of even a deflation scare.  Again, I have been leaning toward said event in the short term, but the Bond situation has given me pause and given me the feeling that fears of inflation may manifest sooner than expected.

Can you imagine the panic if the herd and the d Boys and d Girls come running out of T Bonds (and USD) in revulsion?  The GSR needs to reverse, because if silver leads gold higher into a breakout for both, the resource grab will be on.