Gold & The Dollar Current Signals

US Dollar Analysis:

  • I have a buy signal on the US Dollar, yet I warn you this is a trade for the nimblest of traders, and could be your last kick at the long US Dollar can.  On a fundamental basis, the plight of the dollar couldn’t be any worse, yet our government seems to be obsessed with turning a nightmare turn into a coffin, by further growing their outrageous debt.  Then making us pay for it!
  • This nightmare is why Gold is your must-own asset.  Yet only 2% of the population owns any Gold!
  • In the language of common sense, the above statistic means that only 2% of the population is even remotely concerned about the debt crisis!
  • As deep as America is in debt now, there is a much larger unfunded liability problem.  Social Security for a huge Baby Boom generation just starting to move into the system.  There are the social “debt bomb” programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and prescription drug benefits.  The new health care fiasco is likely to become the largest liability of them all.  These unfunded liabilities (debt bombs) could total $200 trillion over the next 25 years, and the end number is probably far higher.  Yet, we’re told by the current administration that a $14 trillion economy can carry this time bomb with no serious problems.
  • We are living what you call debt crisis, but because the government has no intention of paying what it owes, it is also called:  Dollar Crisis.  Ruining the dollar is our government’s mechanism of default.
  • The entire system is at risk and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke just sided with the administration in the debt ceiling fight.  The independent Fed is not so independent.  Our Fed Chairman wants higher debt and no restraint, and he is working hand in hand with our debt-a-holic President of the nation.  Both men are drunk on debt and only Gold is: sobriety.
  • The Fed and Administration do not want anything to strengthen the dollar.  If the debt ceiling was not raised, the dollar would start to rally strongly.  That was Tim Geithner’s real concern about failing to raise the debt ceiling; he was petrified that a huge dollar rally would occur.  “Don’t fight the Fed”.  In this case, that saying means:  The dollar is going down, and maybe right into the ground.
  • In the longer term, austerity measures will come, but politicians have promised the moon and they are always looking at another group of American tax payers to suck blood from.  The problem now is that all groups have had the blood sucked out of them.  A saturation point has been reached for passing the buck amongst taxpayers.
  • So, the US DOLLAR is now the main target of the Gov’t vampire.  All the other targets are almost financially bone dry.
  • Consider the current debt problem.  Next, consider the fact that the vast majority of fiat currencies have died within just 40 years of their original creation.  Now, consider… your move.  I have been speaking for months about the likelihood of the US Dollar breaking down later in 2011.  Buy more Gold as the dollar rallies, because this is likely the last hurrah for the dollar.  I’m personally standing aside from playing  this dollar rally because I don’t think enough people are taking seriously… the real possibility of a total collapse of the dollar and the entire financial system.

Gold and Precious Metals

  • I issued a strong buy signal for SGOL on Jan 27.  A huge rally occurred immediately.
  • As you look at the metals this week, I will tell you it is only a riverboat gambler who holds no physical gold today.  98% of the American population appears to have traded the US Constitution in for a Riverboat Gambling Ticket.  This cannot end well, for them.  All investors should hold a minimum of 20% of your assets in physical Gold.   The US certainly cannot sustain this debt in the longer term, and probably not in the shorter term!
  • The Financial Times reports that by June the Federal Reserve Bank will hold more debt than Japan and China!  The power of the printing press is how this outrageous & perhaps criminal action has occurred.  This is a staggering figure that alone will propel Gold dramatically higher.
  • I called the current top in the Gold market within a dollar of the top.   I have set 1260 for you, as the price target for the coming low.  I see the correction playing out over the next several weeks.  It is important, even critical, to buy all the way to my target rather than attempting to buy only at my target.  The stakes are too high to see the dollar collapse before I think it does, while you hold no gold.
  • China is power buying Gold into the lows at $1308.

SGOL 14 Month Chart

  • Take look at this 14 month chart.  Note my possible projection for the MACD.  By not really understanding volume patterns, many technicians bought too big, too fast, and they could get hurt.  Others missed this entire rally.  This Gold bull is taking no prisoners.
  • Price is nearly at my short term upside target.  GDX and GDXJ, & Silver have already hit their short term targets I set for them.  I continue to warn of the resumption in the correction for all three, and for Gold itself.  Further weakness will make this the best buying opportunity of the year.  I will make my heaviest buys at my Super Force 1260 target price.

Gold Juniors GDXJ Chart

Gold Juniors Analysis:

  • I issued a Super Force book profits alert on Feb 8 for GDXJ.  You got a phenomenal 11% gain from the buy I issued in the $34 area.  My $38 target was hit precisely.
  • From here, I am looking for continued corrective action.
  • I expect the GDXJ price to move back down to the $32 area.
  • Volume, which I follow meticulously all day long in all markets, is reinforcing my expectations that price will play out on the downside as I have projected, before a an ultimate super-blast higher occurs.  Note my 12 month price target on above chart!

GDX 6 Month Chart

  • GDX also has a profit booking signal that I issued on Feb 8th.  My sell signal scored you a 6% gain from the buy signal.  GDX is an investment I want you to own in size, for the long term.
  • One thing I monitor at very closely is sentiment, and I do it for all markets.  The precious metals sentiment numbers are very bullish for future price, now.   Consider how close we are to new highs in price, while sentiment figures are a full 30% away from excessive bullishness.  Gold is less than 5% from new highs, yet sentiment is a full 30% from highs.  In the big picture, the sentiment numbers are extremely bullish for Gold!
  • The mainstream financial press this week warns investors to avoid Gold.  This kind of story-telling by those who don’t understand Gold makes it possible to see GDX price move multiple times higher than the current the current quotation.
  • The best way to take advantage of these powerful sentiment numbers is to buy Gold stock.  Gold stocks are undervalued and will outpace Gold.  As we come out of this correction, I expect Gold stocks to be the first out of the hole.

SIVR (Silver Proxy) 6 Mth Chart

  • Look at the huge win I just booked for subscribers!  I just issued a Super Force profit taking signal for silver.  Silver has moved up to the $30.00 area with powerful price action, stunning most analysts.
  • From here, I expect a correction into March.
  • Keep a close eye on the shortages in physical silver bars.  Silver is a very small market. The action in silver points to great things ahead for the entire precious metals sector!
  • Owning the physical product is critical in my opinion.  I can’t discuss the details of how or where I store my silver in public, but I will say

that even well-prepared thieves would find themselves stone-walled in any attempt to get mine.  All I do at Super Force Signals is designed to prevent you from becoming a victim of our own government’s madness.  The madness isn’t ending.  It’s growing!

  • This is the greatest crisis in the history of the American Empire.  As I issued my latest buy signals in silver to you, I put more of my own money in physical silver, and put it on major lockdown.  I hope you do the same with at least some physical silver, when I issue my next Super Force signal!

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