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Stock & Gold Markets Technical Update

I’ve consulted with the best in the business, and spent the past week tightening up my template, so 100% of the focus in my newsletter is on trading markets. I want to give you maximum coverage of all the major markets in play, as I trade them myself.

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Gold & The Dollar Current Signals

I have a buy signal on the US Dollar, yet I warn you this is a trade for the nimblest of traders, and could be your last kick at the long US Dollar can.

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“Gold & Gold Stock: Major Buy Signals!”

The Dollar decline on soft volume over the past few days has given me a buy signal. I use our US dollar signals to play the dollar, and to coordinate your Gold and Gold Stock purchases.

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Gold. The $1260-$1500 RoadMap!

I told you week ago, “A stronger dollar into the first few weeks of the New Year will allow a correction in GOLD.”

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