Goldbug Headlines…

Actual headlines from a popular internet site.  Don’t take this the wrong way, because I highly respect a couple of the names below.  But if you think this is bullish… think again.

Rick Rule – Silver Will Trade Like an Internet Stock to the Upside

Turk – Gold & Silver Have Bottomed, Summer explosion Ahead

Embry – System Wide Meltdown as US to Enter Hyperinflation

Eric Sprott – We’re Headed off a Cliff, be Wary of Paper Assets

Hathaway Confirms Gold to Trade in the 5 Digits

Jim Sinclair – Gold to Exceed $12,500 to Balance US Debt

The problem with deep thinkers in the gold ‘community’ is that their subject matter is very dynamic and usually flat out scary.  So how does one get one’s deep thoughts out to the greater world in an organized and strategic way so as to minimize stirring the herd up and getting their emotions all in an uproar (and panties in a bunch)?  Answer, it’s impossible.  These sites get a lot of traffic and new gold bugs – complete with new Gold 101 manuals from which they read and lecture – are minted every day.

It’s just that in its interim swings, the markets sometimes fail to get and play by the memo.