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Investing in Silver Instead of Toilet Paper Currencies

By The Mogambo Guru


03/04/11 Tampa, Florida – I was intrigued by an essay titled “What You Need to Know About Buying Silver Today”‘ which came as the result of Jeff Clark, of Big Gold, being interviewed by The Daily Crux.

Of course, Mr. Clark knows all the reasons to buy silver, and deftly ticks them off, one after another, as I would do if they ever asked me, instead of everyone always rudely shouting at me, “Hey! You can’t come in here!” and “Don’t eat that!” and, “Stop yelling at me to buy gold, silver and oil stocks as protection against the suicidal lunacy of the Federal Reserve creating so much money!”

Mr. Clark never actually gets to the point of hysterical raving that people should buy, buy, buy silver, silver, silver, and calling people idiots – idiots! – if they are not buying silver, which is convenient for me because that is exactly what I do. Idiot! You’re an idiot if you are not buying silver! See?

Anyway, The Daily Crux asks the Big Question On Everyone’s Lips (BQOEL), which is, “Just how high do you think silver could go?”

I was hoping that he would, as I would, immediately launch into “attack mode” and say, “What kind of stupid question is that to ask? The whole thing depends on the purchasing power of the dollar, which is literally headed towards zero because of the constant, massive, unbelievable over-creation of dollars by the evil Federal Reserve, which would mean that the price of an ounce of silver would be, literally, infinity dollars! That’s how high silver will go, you moron, as will the prices of everything go to infinity, when the dollar has zero purchasing power left, and is, finally, like all fiat currencies, worth Exactly Freaking Zero (EFZ)!”

I could mention Zimbabwe because Zimbabwe is a very recent example, of the thousands and thousands of fiat currencies through history that have gone to zero value because of over-creation, of a currency that went to zero value because of its over-creation.

As a case in point, and in a particularly pointed-yet-distasteful way as befits the whole subject of currency destruction, massive inflation, bankruptcy and ruination, I remember a photo of a sign posted in a Zimbabwe toilet, advising users as to what could be properly be used as toilet paper in this particular crapper.

It read, “No cardboard. No cloth. No Zim notes.” How disgusting! Money that is not even usable as toilet paper!

So, the question for today’s Mogambo Pop Quiz (MPQ) is, “What is the price of an ounce of silver, priced in Zimbabwe dollars?”

Well, since the Zimbabwe dollar is not officially worth zero, the MPQ is an easy one: The price, in Zim notes, is, literally, infinity!

This means that one ounce of silver – one lousy ounce of silver! – now costs more than all the Zimbabwe dollars ever printed! Ever!

And, more horrifically and closer to home, since the American dollar is on the same sorry path, the fate of the US dollar will be that of the Zimbabwe dollar, making silver a screaming bargain, and if you are not buying it, then you are an idiot!

At this point, I would usually degenerate into a Patented Mogambo Brand (PMB) of raw, in-your-face aggression on how the American dollar is a Big Piece Of Crap (BPOC) because of the Federal Reserve creating so staggeringly many of them, or a rant about how we Americans are a big bunch of idiots, or how the ultimate price of one ounce of silver is, like Zimbabwe, more than all the American dollars ever printed, making silver, at less than $35 an ounce, such a screaming bargain that to not buy silver is to proclaim yourself an idiot.

Mr. Clark, sensing my underlying motive, appeals to our greed! “Good choice!” I say!

He says, “Many people don’t realize this, but silver rose 3,646% in the 1970s, from its November ’71 low to its January 1980 high. If you were to apply the same percentage rise to our current bull market, silver would climb another 500% from here, and the price would hit $160 an ounce.” Wow!

Of course, all of these fabulous gains in silver presume a dollar with a relatively consistent buying power, which ain’t going to happen, and instead the dollar will continue to fall in purchasing power and thus everything will become more and more expensive, all the time more and more expensive, all because the despicable Federal Reserve is continuing to create So Freaking Much Money (SFMM).

But you won’t care! Your buying gold, silver and oil stocks all along the way, as the evil Federal Reserve kept creating so much money, will have made you rich, rich, rich! And so what is a horror of life-or-death misery for others is of no consequence to you, and you just say to yourself, “Whee! That investing stuff was easy!”

The Mogambo Guru
for The Daily Reckoning

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