Investors Willing To Pay 31% Premium To NAV For Sprott’s Physical Gold ETF In Strike Over Global Fiat Devaluation Insanity

Over the past month, gold has quietly become the only true flight to safety. Forget the dollar: the dollar is “safe” just as long as Bernanke does not decide to pull a Sunday night comparable to what the ECB did last night and strangle the greenback with one press release: frankly it is just not worth the imminent currency debasement risk, especially with the inversion in the EURUSD as the trading day has proceeded. But don’t take our word for it: even with today’s last bail out which is supposed to scare all shorts into covering, and unload all risk-free trades, Gold is still at $1,200. And for a far more material indication of what the market thinks of not just gold, but of representations of gold holdings by ETF’s with “imaginary” unaudited stashes all over the world, take a look at the Sprott PHYS physical gold ETF, and specifically the premium over its NAV. Today it hit an all time record of 31%. The NAV differential has steadily crept higher since the launch of PHYS. Investors are willing to pay 30% more than the real value of holdings just for the knowledge that the gold backing their “assets” actually exists.

Source: http://www.zerohedge.com