Net Gold Commercial Positions Surge To Multi-Month High Short Exposure

The just released CFTC Commitment of Traders indicates that the big banks increased their net short gold exposure to the highest since early 2010, hitting -292,244, a jump of -24,396, and an increase of -69,361 from two weeks prior. Also, in the week ended April 13, the outright Commercial short positions in Gold hit a 2010 record. Gold traders who observed this spike in commercial shorts, especially when combined with the surprising strong gold price action over the past two weeks, are concerned that the news about Goldman, and its ramifications on Paulson’s holdings of GLD, may have leaked over the past 10 days to allow banks to front-run today’s hit in the price of Gold. The question of whether or not Paulson’s worries will materialize into an actual partial or full-scale liqudation will be an open ended question for some time: today many of the key Paulson positions, primarily in financials and commodities have gotten hit hard, leading many to believe that the market may force his hand.

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