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Sentiment Indicator Points To A Sharp Rally Coming In Gold

By one historically accurate contrary sentiment metric, the gold market is poised to stage a surprising move higher soon.  From the Hulbert Gold Sentiment Newsletter Index:

over the three decades I’ve been tracking investment newsletters, the gold market has — on average — adhered to the contrarian pattern. That is, bullion has turned in far higher returns in the wake of low HGNSI levels than in the days and weeks following high readings.

Here’s a link the full article:  Sentiment Pointing To Higher Gold Prices

If memory serves me correctly, I believe the HGNSI bottomed around the 18 level in October 2008 vs its current 23.5 reading.  Both sentiment readings point to extreme pessimism/bearishness, which typically forecasts a big move higher coming.

Back then gold disconnected from its correlation with the stock market and began a move from $700 to its current $1211 level, or 73%.   The fundamentals supporting the price of gold have only strengthened considerably since Oct 2008, including a global movement of gold investors seeking to take actual physical delivery.

One other point, the import premiums for India and Viet Nam on Friday snapped back sharply to unusually high levels, indicating that the $40 price drop stimulated widespread, aggressive buying in those two countries, the 2nd and 5th largest gold buying nations.

The market is telling us one thing for sure:  Americans may be clueless with regard to gold, but the rest of the world has become used to $1200 gold and will welcome any downside price manipulation by U.S. banks with widespread arms.