Gold & Silver COT Update

Here is an updated look at COTs for Gold & Silver…

Updated Gold & Silver COTs

Gross Silver shorts are at an all-time high….

Gold & Silver COT Charts

Updated charts for Gold & Silver COTs including a positioning breakdown for each….

PDAC 2014 Underscores Muted Sentiment towards Gold Stocks

The buzz phrase at PDAC 2014 could be described as “cautious optimism.” Executives, analysts and investors seem to believe a corner has been turned but failed to show any excitement or hope beyond that. Some participants estimated that attendance was down 20% from last year and much lower than 2012. I did not attend last … Continue reading “PDAC 2014 Underscores Muted Sentiment towards Gold Stocks”

Precious Metals Sentiment Update

We’ve recently written quite a bit about the current technical situation in precious metals as well as the current bear market compared to past bear markets. Thus we’ve neglected sentiment somewhat. This is a good time to examine sentiment as the sector appears to be bottoming or trying to emerge from a bottom. The first … Continue reading “Precious Metals Sentiment Update”

Precious Metals Double Bottom?

Since I do not have a crystal ball, it is remarkably difficult to answer that question. I could answer the above question with a yes or a no…..

Want to Buy Gold at $1150 Now?

CEF is trading at a 7% discount to NAV….

Hulbert: Gold Sentiment Not Bearish Enough

Mark Hulbert’s HGNSI is not looking to favorable for contrarian bulls. The HGNSI was over -50% at Gold’s summer bottom. With Gold trading around $1300 the indicator is above 20%. Source: Why Aren’t Gold Traders More Scared?  

Gold & Silver COTs

Positioning currently stands at 76,600 net long contracts on Gold and 18,200 net long contracts on Silver…

Silver is Following its 1970s Pattern

Amazingly, if you line up Silver’s performance from its 1971 low to 1980 high with Silver’s performance since its 2008 bottom, you’ll notice….

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